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Spiritual Pathways

I have been talking about “Keeping it Simple”  in my weekend messages.  Life seems to be anything but simple and connecting with God can sometimes seem very complicated.  A couple weeks ago on a Sunday Morning, I introduced the concept of Spiritual Pathways.  Spiritual Pathways are ways of connecting with God.  A few mentioned that we […]

A Letter to a Younger Me

I was reading an article where former National Hockey Player and Toronto Maple Leaf, Doug Gilmour wrote a letter to a younger self. I liked the perspective of writing from wisdom and experience to a younger and less experienced you. I hadn’t though of the article in quite an extended period of time, when I […]

Time and Enthusiasm

Recently in New Brunswick at Hopewell Rocks, a local “wonder of nature” collapsed.  Elephant Rock was a part of flowerpot formations that draw many tourists to the area.  The CBC reported, ” An estimated 200 tonnes of rock from one of the iconic flowerpot formations came tumbling down early on Monday (March 14, 2016) morning after the […]

Nagging Optimism

It’s Hard to Not Be Negative Doesn’t seem to be a lot to be optimistic right now in our world.  I think this is one of the negative sides of being an information/internet generation.  They say that “good news travels fast”, but in a high-speed generation: bad news travels really, really fast.  Between politics, the […]