Vision and Values

Vision and Values


Helping Families Navigate Life

Our Motto

Helping Families Navigate Life

Our Vision

Our vision at Callander Bay Church is to glorify God by helping people become fully developed followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Experiencing God's Love and Grace:

We value the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Believing the Bible:

We value the Bible as God's authoritative Word, study it together, and build our lives on its truth.

Worshiping God:

We value heartfelt worship that is God-honoring, Spirit-directed, and life-changing.

Following Jesus:

We value whole hearted obedience to Christ Jesus through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

Belonging to the Community of Faith:

We value integrity in relationships and mutual accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love, and acceptance.

Witnessing to the World:

We value an active and loving witness for Christ to all people.

Serving Compassionately:

We value serving others at their point of need, following the example of our Lord Jesus.

Living Simply:

We value uncluttered lives, which free us to love boldly, give generously, and serve joyfully.

Relying on God:

We confess our dependence on God for everything, and seek to deepen our intimacy with Him by living prayerfully.

Our Strategy

To assist in the process of helping people to become fully-developed followers of Jesus Christ, Callander Bay Church is endeavouring to have a three part plan to help disciple people towards faith and growth in Christ. It is based on three assumptions.

  1. Basic discipleship is the same for all people and needs to be taught and reinforced on a regular basis.
  2. Ultimate responsibility for discipleship and spiritual growth of families takes place in the home.
  3. Relationships are the most effective context for spiritual growth, accountability and evangelism.

In order to assist in the ongoing discipleship of our church the following tracks will be developed:

Callander Bay Church - Discovery Track

Callander Bay Church - Family Track

Callander Bay Church - The Way of Jesus Track

The Discovery Track is to assist in laying foundational core values in all who attend our church; they will be offered on a consistent basis. These include: Discovering Faith, Discovering Callander Bay, Discovering Baptism, Discovering Spiritual Habits, Discovering Stewardship, Discovering Ministry, Discovering Mission. Others will be added as needed.

Our commitment at Callander Bay Church is to help families navigate life. The family track is designed to facilitate parents in the raising and disciplining of their children. Our goal is to partner with parents by providing resources, skills and programming to assist parents in their endeavours to raise Godly children.

The Way of Jesus is a ministry that supports people in their personal endeavours to be a disciple making disciple. People are encouraged to build relationships to support their own journey with Christ and also help others grow in their relationship with Him. People will be encouraged to challenge and motivate each other toward maturity, ministry and mission.