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“Jesus Is The Reason We’re Celebrating This Season” – Susan Glenholme-Bain

What Christmas Means to Me - Susan Glenholme-Bain

This is a Christmas poem written by Susan in 2015, read for you by none other than the author herself, just a few days ago. It will first premiere here and on YouTube December 24th at 7PM (after our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service) but of course, you can revisit it at any time after! Enjoy.

Drinking from My Saucer


Drinking From My Saucer I’ve never made a fortune,And I’ll never make one nowBut it really doesn’t matter‘Cause I’m happy anyhow As I go along my journeyI’m reaping better than I’ve sowedI’m drinking from the saucer‘Cause my cup has overflowed I don’t have a lot of riches,And sometimes the going’s toughBut with kin and friends […]

Thanksgiving Amid Covid 19


I’ve heard it said “There’ll be no Thanksgiving this year”But Covid can’t just make thanksgiving disappear.Perhaps big family get togethers won’t happen, that is true,It all depends on what Thanksgiving means to you. Now, while this pandemic is raging through our land,Our Governing bodies have taken an astronomic stand.They have drawn up rules and guidelines […]