Archive | May, 2016

A Letter to a Younger Me

I was reading an article where former National Hockey Player and Toronto Maple Leaf, Doug Gilmour wrote a letter to a younger self. I liked the perspective of writing from wisdom and experience to a younger and less experienced you. I hadn’t though of the article in quite an extended period of time, when I […]

Time and Enthusiasm

Recently in New Brunswick at Hopewell Rocks, a local “wonder of nature” collapsed.  Elephant Rock was a part of flowerpot formations that draw many tourists to the area.  The CBC reported, ” An estimated 200 tonnes of rock from one of the iconic flowerpot formations came tumbling down early on Monday (March 14, 2016) morning after the […]

I am Generous

I am learning to be generous.  It is a process, not an easy one at that, and it seems to have lots of hurdles.  I have resources.  Maybe not as much as I think I should have to be generous, but I have them.  There in lies one of the biggest obstacles to generous living: […]