Ways to Contribute


Offerings can be made by cash, cheque and E-Transfer.

Mail in Your Gift

Please mail donations (cheques only, made out to Callander Bay Church) to:

Callander Bay Church
Box 218
Callander, Ontario 

E-Transfer Details

Process: Donor goes into their bank website or from their mobile app and issues an E-Transfer. The donor specifies the amount and how funds are to be directed in the comments field.

The email address is:


The amount will be directly deposited to the Callander Bay Church bank account at the Royal Bank. No security question is required.

The only bank to my knowledge that doesn't support the ‘no security question requirement' is Caisse Populaire. This bank will request a security question and answer to send the donation.

Callander Bay Church will only incur a cost of 50 cents per deposit regardless of the amount of donation.

The email is automatically sent to callanderbaychurchgiving@gmail.com with the name of the donor, the amount and any comments. Also include your address if you are giving for the first time.

The Envelope Secretary will record the donation and issue a tax receipt at the end of the year.

E-Transfers are useful for those who:

  • Currently give by cash
  • do not have cheques
  • receive variable pay from their employer
  • pay program registrations such as JR Pitch