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Callander Bay Church: Pastor’s Annual Report 2016

The introductory comments of my 2016 Annual Report can be found here: :…y-and-the-church/ As I reflect on 2016, we see that God has continued to do good things. We have continued to see small numeric growth, even though we said goodbye to many friends, who moved away for various reasons.  Here are more of the […]

Football Sunday 2017

Football Sunday Featured Image

Football Sunday 2017 Released on February 1st 2017 Produced by The Increase Directed by Gary Molander Hosted by Benjamin and Kirsten Watson Narration by James Brown Produced by and Hosted by Kirsten and Benjamin Watson, Football Sunday 2017, stars players from both 2017 Super Bowl teams and other pro athletes telling stories of “overcoming” […]

The Collapse of Parenting

I found this incredible article in Understanding Today’s Youth, a newsletter put out by Youth Unlimited, by Paul Robertson. In the research of Leonard Sax, author of the book, The Collapse of Parenting they determined which factor at age 11 is the greatest predictor of happiness and life satisfaction, when that child becomes an adult. […]