Football Sunday 2017

Football Sunday 2017

Released on February 1st 2017
Produced by The Increase
Directed by Gary Molander
Hosted by Benjamin and Kirsten Watson
Narration by James Brown
Produced by and Hosted by Kirsten and Benjamin Watson, Football Sunday 2017, stars players from both 2017 Super Bowl teams and other pro athletes telling stories of “overcoming” that center on faith, loss, healing, and eventually triumph on and off the football field.

D’Brickashaw and Kirsten’s Story:

Former New York Jet D'Brickashaw Ferguson and his wife Kirsten were living the dream. “Brick” was a highly-paid and very successful left tackle for the Jets, and Kirsten left a job with the NFLPA in preparation to start a family. The Fergusons take us behind the scenes into the pain of two miscarriages and the feeling that God abandoned them. In the middle of their suffering, a random woman came up to them with words they needed to hear, God has not forgotten you”. Kirsten broke down in tears and her faith began to be restored. Today, the Fergusons are raising two healthy babies and grew closer through their loss.

Brandon and Michi’s Story:

Current New York Jet Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi are breaking the generational cycle of neglect, abuse and drugs that they witnessed as children. Through seeking Christ and modeling His love in their marriage and to their children, His plan for their lives is breaking through.

Anquan’s Story:

Current Detroit Lion, Anquan Boldin, has overcome himself to see that God's plans for his life extend far beyond the football field and are much greater than the plans he had for himself. Boldin, the 2015 NFL Man of The Year, has become a man of God who is focused on helping others and affecting lives around the globe in His name.

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