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Reactivating the Family

new normal

I don’t think anyone would have imagined the year 2020 would have unfolded the way it did. As I write this, it is the beginning of May. We have already been socially distancing (a phrase that 2 months ago didn’t exist) for over five weeks. Society has almost completely come to a standstill. Church, school, […]

Do You Praise Your Children?


            What do we say when our babies take their first steps, when our son ties his shoelaces  by himself,  when our middle schooler passes a tough math exam? Wouldn’t you say, “Good job!”? I hope so!  There is joy in taking pleasure in our children’s accomplishments.              However, in addition to that, have you […]

Who is this Man? Part 4: A Revolution in Humanity (Small Group Curriculum)


Who is this Man? Part 4: A Revolution in Humanity Luke 14:1-23 Worship: Sing or listen to the worship song: Mighty to Save by Laura Story Welcome: When was a time when someone showed compassion? Word: Read Luke 1:1-23 In this chapter is recorded Jesus’ interaction with the Pharisee’s. Why do you think that Jesus […]

Callander Food Bank Update


The Callander Food Bank is still operating with its regular schedule of being open on Tuesday mornings. The volunteers have been asking clients to phone their orders in ahead of time, if possible. Items are collected and handed out at the doors of the food bank. There is not room for extra volunteers at this […]