Thanksgiving Amid Covid 19

I’ve heard it said “There’ll be no Thanksgiving this year”
But Covid can’t just make thanksgiving disappear.
Perhaps big family get togethers won’t happen, that is true,
It all depends on what Thanksgiving means to you.

Now, while this pandemic is raging through our land,
Our Governing bodies have taken an astronomic stand.
They have drawn up rules and guidelines to help us, one and all
To remain safe ourselves and to help others who may fall.

First of all, let’s turn to God, our Creator, Lord and Friend
He’ll be with us if we seek him, through it to the very end.
Let’s thank Him for this country, Canada, our earthly home,
For the freedoms we’ve enjoyed, for the blessings we have known.

Through years of strife and hardship, our brave forefathers came.
We’ve failed to uphold their values, now we have ourselves to blame.
Are we willing to suppress our wants & accept our needs instead?
It’s time for us to share the wealth & keep our neighbor fed.

Not the time to squabble over language, color, creed, or race
It’s time to pull together, settling any problem we may face.
From Adam & Eve, to Queen or King, it matters not you see
For we are all regenerated from the very same family tree.

Lets wash our hands, and stay at home, as often as we can
Let’s wear our masks and keep on spacing, whatever it demands.
It’s the only way we can prevent the spread of Covid-19.
It is up to us, each one of us, if we would be redeemed.

So let’s thank God for the blessings, he gives us every day.
We don’t need a special holiday to come to him and say –
Thank you, God, for country, family, friend, kith & kin
Please come and heal us Lord, of the mess that we are in.

October 8, 2020

Susan B. Glenholme

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