Thanksgiving 2019

THANKSGIVING 2019        

It’s time to count our blessings and thank our Lord and King

For how we are loved and cared for, so let our praises ring.

We are so very thankful Lord, for this country where we live

For the bounty of the harvest, all the blessings that you give.

For the beauty of the seasons, summer, winter, spring & fall

Each one filled with specialties, and we enjoy them, one and all.

We are thankful for the freedoms we are privileged to possess.

We don’t realize how blessed we are, till seeing those with less,

I’m sure there’s no one in this county, picking scraps from the garbage pile

To feed starving children enough, to keep them alive for awhile.

Lord help us feel for others in mind, body, heart and soul,

That everyone is our brother. We all play a sacred role.

We are blessed far beyond what we need to survive and live

God blesses us many times over, compared with what we give.

When we think of God in Heaven, who created all there is

Everything, every single thing we enjoy is not ours… it’s His.

He just spoke it into being, every star, and flower and tree

Every vegetable, fruit, bird and beast, all of it, for you and me.

So how can we spend any day without praising and thanking the Lord

We take so much for granted, without ever saying a word.

If you wish to go to heaven and live in peace and joy forever there

Jesus has already paid the price, His sacrifice, your fare.

He suffered and died on a cross at Calvary to wash our sins away.

There’s still power in His precious blood, it’s still available today

He has said it in the Bible, plain and clear for all to see

“I am the way, the truth and the life, you come to the Father through me”

The way is straight and narrow, but it is open to one and all

So, choose you this day whom you will serve, give thanks, give Him your all

It’s the season of praise and thanksgiving in this land of ours, it is true.

And Jesus is waiting with open arms, to hear praises and thanks from you.

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