The Very First Christmas (2012)

The Very First Christmas

The day had seemed long
As they reached Bethl’em town,
At last they’d find shelter
And get settled down.

Joseph felt some concern
As Mary knew the time was near,
For the pains were increasing
They were finally here.

As they stopped at the inn
Joseph helped her alite
From the back of the donkey
She’d been sitting upright.

With a sigh of relief
She tried to walk,
At the door of the inn
She heard someone talk.

“There’s no room,” he said
As he answered their call,
“All I can offer you,
In the stable, a cattle stall

But the stable is warm,” he said
“I see she’s with child.”
While Joseph gave thanks,
Mary meekly smiled.

The day had been long
But the night lay ahead.
They unloaded their burdens
And fashioned a bed.

Mary laid on the blanket
Spread out on some hay,
Bit her lip not to scream
As pain swept her away.

Joseph spoke words of comfort,
Learning what he must do.
To deliver this baby
To him ’twas all new.

By and by after midnight,
Light dawning the morn,
One last muffled moan,
And the baby was born.

They both felt so happy
That first Christmas Day,
As they cuddled their new born
Right there on the hay.

“We’ll call His name Jesus
As the angel has said.”
And Mary placed her son
In the manger for his bed.

They knew this new babe
She had just given birth
Was God’s only son
Now come down to earth.

“Look Mary,” said Joseph.
“The sky seems so bright.
The stars are all shining
Much brighter to-night.”

It was such a hard day.
They were both tired out.
So they curled up to rest,
Before day came about.

It seemed only moments
When they awakened to see
Some happy-faced shepherds
All talking with glee.

They told them __ how they
Were out watching their sheep
Some were on guard
And some were asleep

When they heard voices singing
In the sky __ so bright.
T’was a whole host of angels
What a frightening sight!

They said “don’t be afraid
We have brought you joy
For tonight has been born
A wee baby boy.

In the City of David,
Prince of Peace is He
Christ the Lord, Come from heaven
Your Savior to be.”

The angels sang glory
To God on High
Peace on earth and goodwill.
They were filling the sky.

“So we come here to see
Just what the angels said
The son of God lying
In a lowly manger bed.”

They left there rejoicing
A great message to tell.
Mary pondered their words
In her heart rang a knell

As Mary nursed the babe
Held close to her breast,
The love in her heart
Brought an ache in her chest.

But God would be with them
Through the days ahead to see
His leading & His guiding
In all things that were to be.

So come now let us celebrate
God’s gift to everyone,
To suffer on a cross & die
His only begotten sinless son.

For the reason He came
Was to suffer and die.
His life a ransom paid
For sinners, such as you & I.

So confess your sins
Be cleansed and set free
By the shedding of his precious blood
On a cross at Calvary.

For some day He’s returning
And no one knows that day
So you’d better be ready,
No matter what folks say.

None of us know when
We’ll draw our last breath
Now much time is left
Before we meet Him __ at death’

So come to Him now
He’ll cleanse all your sin.
You will start a new life __
A life lead by Him.

Read His word_ the Bible
And pray every day
You’ll have peace in your heart
If you walk in His way.

So come let us worship__
Our glad offerings bring
To Jesus__ our Savior
Our God ___ and our King!

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