The Life You’ve Always Wanted – Part 11: An Undivided Life. Small Group Curriculum


Listen to a Worship song (If you need suggestions you can use one from the YouTube Playlist for this week) or express something that you are thankful to God for.


  1. Check In – Did you learn anything about your “approval addiction” this week?
  2. In Matthew 6 Jesus tells people to “seek first His kingdom”.  What happens when we don’t do this?
  3. How does “double mindedness” or duplicity show up in out lives?


  1. Read: 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  2. What are some of the specific kinds of work God can do in our lives through the study of His Word?
  3. How have you experienced these in your life?
  4. Why are a repentant spirit and a soft heart essential when we read the scripture?
  5. What are some of the dangers when a person reads the Bible simply to accumulate knowledge?
  6. What is one passage in the Bible that has sunk deep into your heart and how has this portion of Scripture brought transformation to your life?
  7. What practical step are you going to take to apply this teaching?


  1. Pray that your group would sense the presence of the Holy Spirit as you open His Word.  Pray for undivided lives that are shaped by scripture.
  2. Pray for any other concerns that your group has.


How can God’s Word help us to reach into our community?

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