Christmas Poem (1987)

Christmas 1987

Christmas is coming! Such a happy time of year,
God cam to Bethlehem, birthed on the hay.
When folks return home to visit those, they hold dear,
With love gifts for dear ones, with thanks for the day
His mother laid him in cattle stall
While God called shepherds one and all.
And angels caroling overhead.
Summoned them me to the manger bed.
Well, in the skies shining star.
Let the wisemen from afar.
What other ways could God have said
“This is my son and manger bed!”
While signs and wonders long foretold
Before their very eyes unfold.
And as we celebrate his birth
With all our customs here on earth..
Have wondered – oh so far away.
From the true worth of Christmas Day.
God had a plan in coming down
And being born in Bethle’m town,
And living humbly in those days.
Teaching people better ways
To live in peace and harmony –
And then – we nailed him to a tree.
Those cruel nails were hammered in –
He died – to wash away our sin.
And then – he rose on Easter Day.
What more could God have done to say
“I am the light, the Truth, the way
Believe on me and you shall be saved.”
And as the rolling years unfold
The prophecies with signs foretold.
The tell us -Soon He'll come again
To claim his own with him to reign
Oh listen world – and you will hear
His second coming must be near
And if you wish and have to dwell.
The scripture tells it oh so well,
You must give up this life of sin
Be washed, and cleaned and born again
Accept Him as your Lord and King
And serve. Then follow only him
Then Christmas Day is meeting true
Will fill your heart and soul anew
With worship for our Lord and King
With praise and prayer and caroling.

Written by – Susan Bain
Callander, Ont.
December 7, 1987

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