News from the Toolbox – Jeremy and Tanya Lott: Wycliffe Update

We are very thankful to God for our family! We're proud of these boys!

We are very thankful to you all for your prayer and overwhelming support, be it your vehicle, financial help, words of wisdom or taking us out for a meal or coffee! Thank you!
We were able to take a step back and look at our work from a distance and get a fresh perspective. We even felt some personal growth during our time in Canada.

We came back as a family to recharge, restock and settle our second son Daniel. Special visits with family certainly were meaningful and enriching! We also met with quite a number of our supporters and received council for the next couple of years remaining in our term.

Jeremy and Daniel Stayed in Canada till Daniel could be settled in Prairie College late in August. Tanya and our younger two boys went back to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the beginning of the school year in late July.

Goodbyes like these can bring tears, which flowed from both mom and dad at different times.
Tanya, Seth and Steven had a bit of a rough time travelling back to PNG, which took some desperate prayer and quick wits on more than one occasion to make it through!

Once in PNG Tanya and the boys had to clean…Everything needed cleaning. Mould was everywhere!
Eventually they got things figured out and re-entered life in PNG. It meant school, hosting bible study and working at the clinic, as well as video chatting with Jeremy every day!

So What did Jeremy do during those last weeks in Canada? More visiting, family adventures and intentional preparation so Daniel could make good choices and thrive. He also fixed a few tractors and hay equipment.

Thank you to all who prayed for this season! It's hard to know how things might go. The Lord shocked us more than once with answered prayer in so many ways. Daniel was concerned about the re-entry course we put him in, but it turned out to be not only a highlight, but a stepping stone for him to be separated from his parents and taking in so many new things!

We made it to Prairie! He's taking an outdoor leadership course with biblical training. Daniel has settled in and is loving it. It suits him to a tee!

Jeremy left Alberta, but on his way back to PNG he visited with his brother and family in Winnipeg. It was a big highlight for him! The Dairy Queen was nice too! We know that many were praying with us through this time. There were some stretching experiences and growth through this time in Canada.
We are now well settled into life in PNG. The Lord is trustworthy! He has kept us and provided in new and unexpected ways!

Praise with us: 

  • The Lord provided housing, a vehicle and all the other needs along the way!
  • Daniel did well to say his goodbyes to mom, dad and brothers.
  • The Lord provided for us in all our travels! He even provided some unexpected excitement!
  • We are back in PNG as a family! Caleb and Daniel are doing well in Canada!

Pray with us:

  • Pray for encouragement! We have had some struggles lately and battling for truth.
  • Pray for Daniel to set those firm standards while in these safe settings.
  • Pray for wisdom and direction for major dental work needs for Tanya.
  • Pray that we have fresh joy in the Lord as we seek His face.

Thank you for your prayer, gifts and encouragement,

Jeremy, Tanya, Caleb, Daniel, Seth, and Steven

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