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Building a Vocabulary of Praise

The word Praise concept and theme painted in black ink on a watercolor wash background.

Titles of Jesus: “You are (my)…” “I love You (my)…” “Blessed are you Jesus (my)…” “Glory to You…” Christ the KingChrist our SaviorRedeemer KingHealerDelivererMost HighFortressKing of the UniverseSon of GodPrince of PeaceBread of LifeKing of kingsName above all namesLight of the WorldLion of JudahLord of AllWord made FleshLord of LordsBelovedMessiahLamb Who was SlainAlpha and OmegaLiving […]

Do You Praise Your Children?


            What do we say when our babies take their first steps, when our son ties his shoelaces  by himself,  when our middle schooler passes a tough math exam? Wouldn’t you say, “Good job!”? I hope so!  There is joy in taking pleasure in our children’s accomplishments.              However, in addition to that, have you […]