Helping YOU Navigate Life, Part 3: Living in a Post-Truth Culture (Small Group Curriculum)

Helping YOU Navigate Life Part 3: Living in a Post- Truth Culture

Worship: Listen to a Worship song (If you need suggestions you can use one from the YouTube Playlist for this week) or express something that you are thankful to God for.

Welcome: What do you think of the fake news movement?


Post Truth is “relating to circumstances in which people respond more to feelings and beliefs than to facts.”  Have you seen this trend in our society?

Read Colossians 4:4-6.  In this passage of scripture Paul is endeavouring to reach a culture that is quite different than his faith with the gospel. He gives three key ideas on how to engage society.

Paul tells us to pray.  Why is it so important to pray?   Why do we often not pray? 

He asks for prayer for clarity and opportunity?  Why are these important prayer requests?

Second, Paul tells us to be wise, particularly with outsiders.  Why is wisdom important?  What are some wise things we can do to engage this culture effectively?

Third, we are to be full of grace in our conversations.   How can our conversations be full of grace?  What does it mean to you to have your talking seasoned with salt? How does this principle translate to online behaviour?  How do we be truthful and graceful at the same time?

Do we sometimes judge society as a whole and forget that they are made up of individuals?

What do you need to apply from this passage of scripture?

Witness:  Continue to pray for the people that you want to see come into a relationship with Christ. What are some practical ways that you can show the love of Christ to your family, co-workers, and neighbours, particularly in light of the COVID 19 pandemic?

Pray for these people and each other.

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