The Life You’ve Always Wanted Part 6: Interrupting Heaven (The Practice of Prayer) – Small Group Curriculum


Listen to a Worship song (If you need suggestions you can use one from the YouTube Playlist for this week) or express something that you are thankful to God for.


  1. Check In – Did anything happen in your life in response to last weeks challenge?
  2. If we turn to prayer as a final desperate measure, only after all our own efforts have been exhausted, what does that reveal about our view of the following:
    • Prayer
    • Ourselves
    • God
  3. Dallas Willard says. “The idea that everything would happen exactly as it does regardless of whether we pray or not is a specter that haunts the minds of many who sincerely profess belief in God.  It makes prayer psychologically impossible, replacing it with dead ritual at best.” If we genuinely believed that our prayers make no difference, how does this impact our prayer life?
  4. Describe a time you prayed and saw clear and definite results.  How did this effect you?


  1. Read: Luke 11:1-4 and Matthew 6:9-13
  2. What core issues does Jesus address as he teaches his followers to pray? Which of these do you tend to focus on when you pray?  Which do you need to focus on more?
  3. What situations and life-experiences most naturally move you to prayer?  How can you use these God-given moments to propel you into more frequent and passionate prayer?
  4. What situations and life-experiences tend to keep you from praying?  How can you use these moments as an opportunity to seek God in prayer?
  5. What are some of the values of setting a specific time and place for prayer?  Has anyone in your group done this?  How has it helped you?
  6. Challenge:  If you have never established a specific time and place for prayer do so.  If you feel comfortable tell others in your group so, then can encourage you in this new discipline.
  7. Challenge: What is one way you want to grow in this area?


  1. Take time to thank God for inviting you into a relationship with Him. Sometimes we forget want an amazing honour and privilege it is to talk to God in prayer.
  2. Pray for each other that we would be able to grow in prayer both individually and corporately.
  3. Pray for any other concerns that your group has.


How can we bring the message of Jesus to people during this time?

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