Alex & Rachel Kariuki Update – Abba’s Home (May 2021)


      Last year at this time, if you had told us that if we left Madagascar we would be unable to get back for nearly a year, we would have been shocked. On top of that, I (Alex ), would have been very hesitant to leave. Two concerns that I had were (1) What would we do while we were in Canada? and (2) What would happen to the work that had already been started in Madagascar? Sure enough, getting back has been difficult and so far we have already been here several months longer that we had planned. 

      But you know what? I think God knew exactly what he was doing when he told us to come back. Not only has the work continued in Madagascar, but since being here, we have been able to reach many more people with the gospel than we ever would have been able to if we were still there.

       As most of you know, shortly after arriving here, God directed us to begin making biblical teaching videos online on our Facebook Page  – New Life Madagascar. We started in September 2020 and as of today, May 3, our 14 Facebook videos have been viewed approximately 624,000 times by people in 45 different countries (although mainly by people in Madagascar). We are absolutely humbled and in awe of what God is doing through the social media platform that he has given us.

       We receive a large amount of messages to our inbox each week (more than we can keep up with). There are those that are just saying thank you, others that have theological questions, others that need advice for their spiritual walk, others that need prayer, and also those who would like to receive the Lord. Please continue to pray for this ministry – that God would continue to use it to draw people to him.

Alex and Rachel

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