Conversations: Social Awareness Living Truth – Abortion

The Sanctity of Life Series was introduced by the SALT (Social Awareness Living Truth) Committee in June with a general short and long paper on this topic. The diverse situations encountered by Christ-followers on this topic are very personal resulting in decisions that may initially appear simple but can become complex if we have not seriously considered truth on this subject. The SALT Committee is developing and presenting papers on several of these specific subtopics.

 The first subtopic paper released today is on abortion; Standing for the Unborn. Jutta Wittmeier, Executive Director of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, is the author of this paper. We appreciate Jutta’s approach in emphasizing positive proactive responses by Christians individually and corporately.

Please note, these are not EMCC Position Papers. We have taken care that the views expressed align with The EMCC's core values. However, the views and opinions expressed are those of the authors. We humbly submit these papers as a recommended resource to support our pastors and congregations as you step up to the challenge of giving voice to the gospel and the message of Jesus Christ in everyday life.

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