If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat: Part 6 Focus on Jesus. Small Group Curriculum

Sunday: June 26, 2022
Series: If You Want to Walk on Water
Sermon: Focus on Jesus
Scripture: Matthew 14: 31, Hebrews 12:1-2, Philippians 4:8,13


Listen to a Worship song (If you need suggestions, you can use one from the YouTube Playlist for this week) or express something that you are thankful to God for.


Check In – How is everyone doing (good things, teaching applied, lessons learned, prayers answered)?


  • Would you consider yourself a focused person or are you easily distracted?
  • Read: Hebrews 12:1-2
  • How do we daily fix our gaze on Jesus?
  • If you were to think about your mind and where your thoughts drift to, where are your thoughts most often pulled toward: fear, hope, discouragement, anger, sorrow, apathy, joy or something else?
  • What are some of the sources of information that our minds our exposed to?  What has the most positive influence on you?  What has the most negative impact?  How do these influences effect your hope?
  • Read Philippians 4:8. How can we practically apply this verse?
  • Read Philippians 4:13. What doe this verse mean to you?
  • How can you focus on Jesus daily?
  • What is something that you should apply from this message?


How has a “lack of focus” affected you in bringing the message of Jesus to others?  How can it be overcome?


Pray that God will help you apply this lesson.  Pray for any other requests you have.

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