The Always God – Part 2 – Always Seeing (Small Group Curriculum)

Sunday: Oct. 8, 2023
Series: The Always God
Sermon: Always Seeing
Speaker: John Inthof
Scripture: Psalm 121, Genesis 16


Listen to a Worship song (If you need suggestions, you can use one from the YouTube Playlist for this week) or express something that you are thankful to God for.


Check In – How is everyone doing (good things, teaching applied, lessons learned, prayers answered)?


  • We just came through Thanksgiving weekend, what is your favourite Thanksgiving food?
  • Read Psalm 121. What does this psalm teach about God, and why should it give us confidence as believers?
  • God has a different perspective than we do. Is this helpful to think about as you process whether or not God sees what you are going through? Why or why not?
  • Genesis 16 tells the story of Abraham and Sarah and their struggle with infertility and struggling with understanding God’s will.  What are some issues that make people feel isolated and alone.
  • Do you ever feel like Hagar—that no one sees you or understands you? In what ways does God’s name El Roi (“the God who sees”) comfort and help you during those moments?
  • Why should we begin with the fact that God always sees? How is this truth life changing for you and for others?
  • What’s something that you can apply from this lesson?


  • Continue to pray for your three people that you have committed to reach with the message of Jesus. How can you share with struggling people the comforting truth that God sees them?


Pray that God will help you apply this lesson.  Pray for any other requests you have.

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