Getting Started

Getting Started

One of my favourite quotes has been from Woody Allen who said “80% of success is showing up.”  Today is the day, I show up in blogging.  I have made a couple attempts at blogging in the past, but they were a little vague in purpose.  This one I hope will be a little more succinct in its direction.  It is a blog mainly for the people of Callander Bay Church, the church that I serve as Pastor.   If others get something from it – bonus.

Most weeks I preach a message in the Sunday Morning service.  But there is very little room for interaction, discussion and the developing more deeply into concepts talked about.  This is a forum for that.  It is also a place where I can help with our motto at Callander Bay Church, which is Helping Families Navigate Life. In this confusing world we often feel like this road sign:

It is my hope that we can help people to be able, with God's help, to get spiritually through the day.

Pastor John

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