Our World


By Susan Bain-Glenholme

 Our world, oh Lord is living in turmoil and distress,
Wondering what has happened to get us in this mess.
When will this pandemic of death ever cease?
When we turn to you, the giver of Peace.
Our sacrifice and sorrows, sweat, toil and tears,
Will one day be just memories, in word and song of years.
But right now, we need to turn to God   in prayer and song,
Confessing sin, and making right, the things we’ve done wrong.
The years of shootings, abortions, murders, and crime,
Have become just everyday news to us at this time.
With prisons overcrowded and complaints from there,
With churches closing or becoming empty everywhere.
For the years David Mainse preached __ Fervently pray
This scripture from 2nd Chronicles 7:1 4, every day.
“If my people who are called by my name, will
Humble themselves and pray, and seek my face,
And turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear
From heaven. And will forgive their sin and will
Heal their land.” _ King James version.
Our governing bodies are doing their best every day.
To guide us in ways to make Covid 19 go away,
We’re all in this together, regardless the colour of your skin,
Rich or poor, whether mansion or hovel you live in.
If we all work together, respecting and helping each other
We’ll get through this together as family and brothers.
So, let’s get back to God in trust and praise and prayer.
Be forgiven, blessed and revived, thankful forever more.

April 2020

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  1. Susan is a mighty warrior of the LORD, thank you for these powerful words. We are blessed to have you as a sister in the LORD>

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