My Mother

Who sang to me with joy and mirth
As she prepared for the day of birth,
Sewing and knitting when day was o’er
Those little garments that I wore? My Mother!

Who breathed a sigh of tired bliss
When she heard my cry and placed a kiss
On my flailing, wrinkled naked form
That very day when I was born? My Mother!

Who fed me from her flowing breast
And bathed and changed me, without rest,
And talked to me and made me smile
And kept me growing all the while? My Mother!

Who taught me how to learn to walk,
And formed words from my baby talk?
Who rocked me when I needed it
And prayed aloud when I was sick? My Mother!

Who always listened to my prayers
Before she tucked me in bed upstairs?
Who Taught me Bible stories too
And even how to tie my shoe? My Mother!

Who took me to Church and Sunday School too,
And gave me little chores to do
And memorize to Golden Rule
Preparing me to go to school? My Mother!

Who encouraged me down through the years
To turn to God with all my fears.
To put my Faith and trust in Him
And strive to keep my life from sin? My Mother!

There just aren’t words enough to say
The love and gratitude I pay
A loving tribute ——- there’s no other
Could take the place of my Dear Mother.

And someday when this life is o’er
And as I reach that other shore
Of Heaven’s Gloryland so fair
I’ll see MY MOTHER waiting there

Susan Bain, April 1998

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  1. Ahhhh, Susan that was beautiful. Perfect as always.

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