News from the Toolbox: Jeremy and Tanya Lott Update June 2021

Dear friends and partners,

Life has been fulfilling and busy!

We have transitioned back into life in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It feels almost like we never left! We are excited to offer what we have to bless the Lord’s work here in PNG. Not that things are always easy; we still have challenges and some sleeplessness from time to time. We realize that to gain ground and sometimes just to maintain it we will have to persevere and may end up with some bruises, but God is Good and we feel totally blessed! Thank you for your love, prayer and financial support.

Lott Boys

So… Who feels blessed? Well our 4 boys! We praise God for our son Caleb in Canada! He is thriving. So if you see Caleb, tell him we’re extremely proud of him and to keep it up!

Daniel has had a rather difficult road entering mid year Grade 10 here at Ukarumpa International School. The school has bent over backwards to help him though, and he has grown in leaps and bounds as a young man. He and his dad have enjoyed a few rides with a group of men who cycle into the mountains around us (his dad appreciates him waiting for him respectfully on those rides). Daniel has helped several families in COVID isolation by buying market produce and delivering to them.

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Seth is one of our animal lovers. He faithfully looks after our guard dog morning and evening as well as our chickens. He works diligently to do a good job in his studies how ever long it takes him, and his marks reflect his hard work!.
Steven is also good with animals and also well known by many in the community to be dependable to care for their animals if they are away. Both boys love walking and feeding dogs in the community, and a little extra cash doesn’t hurt either.

Steven is well respected at his school as fun, good at sports, and the guy to be around. We’ve told him that this makes him an example for good to those around him. He is now entering the middle school campus as a 6th grader and will be growing up some more. As of now, the three here in PNG have finished their school year and are really excited about a 7 week break!

Tanya is Super Woman in Jeremy’s books! While keeping the household running (laundry, cleaning produce, making meals from scratch for the family and for other families etc.), she is also the head receptionist at our medical clinic, one of the clinic’s medevac coordinators, and a parent rep for the school board here. As many of you already know, Tanya is an encouraging person. Many women here in PNG have been blessed by her as she listens and encourages.

Jeremy is still plugging away at the auto shop. He’s excited to be there, waiting on the Lord and as part of the team, desiring to do what he can to improve things while loving on Papua New Guinean staff. They are going through “The Chosen” TV series at the moment for the morning devotions time, which is generating lots of discussion and the gospel is often very tangible and moving for us all. Recently the other missionary technician, Chris, left to go home for furlough. Jeremy now is supervising the shop floor, fuel sales, and the parts room. He also has some rather challenging technical jobs that he needs to complete on vehicles. God is good and giving him strength energy and ideas every step of the way.
 Praise with us: 

  • Even though COVID was present in our community, people have returned to good health
  • The boys finished school well and in person
  • Energy and excitement for the work at hand

Pray with us:

  • For more people to come to the mission field, as we have many needs and few people.
  • For the clinic staff. There has been so much need for medical care for the Papua New Guineans, and missionaries that it’s been exhausting for all the staff.
  • Wisdom for Jeremy at the shop.

Thank you for your prayer, gifts and encouragement,

Jeremy, Tanya, Caleb, Daniel, Seth, and Steven

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