Church Board Update – Janaury 2023

I would like to give you an update from the board meeting we had Friday, January 6, 2023.

We were encouraged to have four applications for the office administrator position and are hoping to make a selection this coming week.

Work on preparing the proposed budget for the Annual General Meeting at the end of February is on going. General Offerings exceeded last years budget so we are planning on new or increasing contributions to local ministries; the Food Bank, Salvation Army, KFM Radio and Hope Awaits. There was also some discussion about some facility update spending. Some of the ideas that came up included the basement floor, kitchen, TV style monitors to replace the projector screen and some general touch ups that have been on the back burner during this wait and see what happens time. I am surprised at how faithful and generous our Church Family has been in the area of financial giving through the economic challenges we are all facing to some degree. There are some who are part of Callander Bay Church that use our online services only and we plan to continue providing the online option indefinitely for them and because it is a useful tool for others. Whether it be someone looking for a place to worship with others or checking for updates on Missionaries, service times or listening to a message you missed or maybe slept through.

So that’s the good news. I think we are at a pivotal point in a way. Although finances have never been a problem recently, volunteer participation is low. We are a small group meeting in person with limited programs and involvement. I sense that is changing with interest from new families and others who have returned to Callander Bay. There really is no area that could not use some help; tellers to count offering, junior church support, nursery staff, help with facility maintenance and improvements, worship team, sound and projection but our first priority is to find replacements for the treasurer role and bookkeeper position as Monique is stepping away from that work. We have appreciated her dedication as our sole financial person. She asked us to look for replacements a long time ago but now it is more urgent as she will only continue for a short time. If either of these jobs are of interest to you, please speak to Pastor John or a board member.

We have one more board meeting before the Annual General meeting February 26th. There will be a few current board members stepping down or whose terms are completed. There is a significant need in this area as well. If you would like to join the church board team please let Pastor John or a board member know. If you are currently not a member of Callander Bay then it would be necessary to take that step first. You are welcome to join us at a meeting to to find more if you like. If you think someone else would be a good fit then ask them for their permission before providing their name.

The Living Nativity and Christmas Eve Service both require a lot of planning, practice and preparation. Both of these special activities required working together for success. The week to week activities of the church are no different.  As we endeavour to resume the activities and programs from before, please consider getting involved with the team in an an area that God has prepared you for so that Callander Bay will serve our Lord in an even greater way.

Todd Attwood for the Callander Bay Church Board

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  1. What a beautiful poem Susan has given to us again. She is a inspiration to all of us at the church. We need to be like her.

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