News from the Toolbox – Update for Jeremy and Tanya Lott (Wycliffe Bible Translators) – January 2024

Hello to all this new year, though February is already fast approaching!

This year it feels like our family is shrinking! We all know it hasn't, we just have a few miles between us. We have those tropical plants in our background and our two oldest boys have snow falling. But apart from a week or two of crazy -40C something for Daniel, those two “Canada boys” are happy to be where they are!

Maybe you noticed above that our photo now dips down in the middle instead of sloping on both sides! It might be all the bananas those boys ate growing up!

So, what did we do over Christmas? We had some time to take a break from our work here in Papua New Guinea. This year was especially busy visiting and celebrating with others. Caleb and Daniel were together in North Bay at Jeremy's parents home. Daniel enjoyed spending time with his grandparents, brother and cousins during that time. That made his brothers in PNG a bit jealous!

Jeremy took his turn on call, running the fuel pumps and doing emergency repairs. He also helped a couple times, those who were stranded with breakdowns, hours from home, who were waiting for our truck and trailer.

Tanya has wrestled with what to do about her dental issues for some time, which we have also often prayed about. We have gone to different appointments and specialists, and doors have closed. Recently we decided to try dental work in Thailand because it is much cheaper than in Canada and the care is world class. Wycliffe Canada had previously offered Tanya to help with air fare to a women's retreat in Phuket Thailand. Through much deliberation and failed attempts to plan this we finally have something emerging. Tanya (Lord willing) is scheduled for dental work in mid February. We even have a godly couple who are excited to stay with our boys here in PNG during that time! We are hoping also to have some special time together as an early celebration of our 25th anniversary coming up in June.

We hope you had a blessed time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ the Lord.
It is our desire to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ throughout this year. We pray that it is yours as well!

Early December, Jeremy and a few other men went for a dirt bike ride through the mountains to neighbouring areas.  He ended up slightly separated from the group and was held up by several young men. Thankfully their time was cut short when one of the other riders caught up to Jeremy. The men fled shortly after taking Jeremy's phone, shoes, backpack and sunglasses.  He was shaken by the ordeal but is doing better. The Lord covers us! 

Praise with us: 

  • The Lord kept Jeremy protected in a dangerous situation. the Lord continues to be faithful everyday! (Cast your cares on Him!)
  • Daniel got on all his flights and rides to and from North Bay and spent a special time at his grandparents home over Christmas.
  • The Lord provided a special time to visit others and worship the Lord over the Christmas break.
  • A new mechanic has finished his orientation training and ready to start full time at the shop!

Pray with us:

  • For a clear plan for us to go to Phuket Thailand, for special events and get some much needed dental work done for Tanya.
  • For our “Canada boys” as they have some big decisions ahead of them.  Both are figuring out career options, and Caleb is looking to find an affordable apartment.
  • For continued cohesion, with the expats especially at the shop.

Thank you for your prayer, gifts and encouragement,

Jeremy, Tanya, Caleb, Daniel, Seth, and Steven

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