I Can’t Hear You: How Actions Speak Our Faith

We so often hear the saying “actions speak louder than words”. This small saying we are told as children may not seem like much, or at least that's what I thought; However, Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked: what in our life do we speak so loudly that “I can't hear what you say”. We all live lives of actions, but the question is what do our actions yell to the rest of the world? Do we scream lazy, irritated, or distracted? Slaves to money, opinions, or ourselves? Not set apart, worldly, or vain? Do we reflect Christ in a way that screams it though everyday life more than what we say?

I know that I would personally fit into many of the above categories of how my actions speak. It sometimes easier to live like a non-believer while claiming that you're a Christian. This is not meant to guilt us into doing good deeds or shame us into pretending to be true followers, but rather to invite us all into some good, hard self-reflection. We are called to live holistically in the light of the Gospel. Our God is not meant to just be a part of our lives but rather to permeate into all that we do (Colossians 3:17).

So how can we change this? How can we reflect Christ in a way that screams it though everyday life more than what we say? An amazing example is Mother Theresa. In 1994 she went to Washington to speak on Abortion, as to why the United States should not allow for this. Now if you ask me, I would think that this would be a very hard press conference to hold and that not many politicians would give someone who is Religious, and very outspoken against a social norm, a platform. Yet because of how she lived her life, and the impact that she does have on the world, her title allowed for this to happen. Her life reflects Christ so deeply that some of the most powerful people in the world had to give her a chance to speak, because of her actions.

These things are always easier said than done (funny how that works). The way to live the Gospel is to take up our crosses daily, grow deeper in our relationship with God, and learn how to live out our faith every minute of every day. This is a lifelong learning experience, but one that just benefits a person, and helps change the world around us.

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