God Came Down to Live and Save Us (Christmas 2017)

God Came Down to Live and Save Us

It was oh so many years ago
That very first Christmas morn,
When Jesus Christ, God’s only son,
Was in a lowly stable born.

Bethlehem town was crowded,
Because of a census to complete
There was no room, the inn was full
At least they were off the street.

An angel spoke to some shepherds
Telling them what to do
Fear not for I bring you good tidings
And news of great joy for you.

This day in the city of David
You will find the little babe
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
And in a manger laid.

An angel choir was singing
Peace on earth to men of good will,
And the shepherds left to find Him
And returned their good news to tell.

With all of our customs and privileges,
That good news has been so watered down,
That we scarcely realize what we’re celebrating.
We’ve allowed rules to govern our town

No bibles, bible reading or praying,
No singing carols in our schools
How could this have happened?
The enforcement of such rules.

So Christmas concerts and programs
Have been changing year by year
From the plays we produced and directed
That once to us were held dear.

But Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place
For you to come and dwell with me!
And one day I’ll return for you
Just wait and pray, you will see.”

No one knows the hour or the day.
That ___ only the Father Knows.
But he told us signs that would let us know
His coming would be close.

You can read it yourself in your bible,
Of famines, pestilence and woes,
Storms and earthquakes to come upon us,
As time on earth comes to a close.

Some folks say Ah all those things
Have been going on for years.
There’s lots of time, don’t worry
And maybe that calms your fears.

There are scriptures that warn us
When the end time is near
It will be as a woman in travail.
That means the end time is here.

For we as mothers know from experience
When pains become worse and closer together.
The awaited event will happen soon
Regardless of the weather.

This year more storms causing heartache and death
And all sorts of change and destruction
Are worse than ever before on earth.
That fact should get our attention.

We all want to go to heaven
And live there in eternal bliss,
But you don’t just die to get there
The requirement is this.

Jesus first came on that first Christmas Day
To teach us, and to die on a cross too.
He was the living sacrifice for our sins
He did that for me and for you.

God gave us that wonderful, priceless gift
On that very first Christmas Day’
His only Son eternal life in Heaven
But it must be claimed or accepted we say.

Each one of us must believe in Jesus
Our Savior, Redeemer, Master and Friend
Praise, worship thank and adore Him
And submit to him, right to the end.

So I say Merry Christmas, God Bless You!
If you haven’t accepted Him yet, believe
Do it tonight, don’t neglect Him.
Your salvation is the best gift you’ll ever receive.
And it’s free – it was paid for dearly.

Thank you Jesus!

Susan Bain-Glenholme (Christmas Eve 2017)

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