Thankful Everyday of the Year

Thankful Everyday of the Year

We don’t need a special day set apart
To express our thanks straight from the heart.
Any moment any hour, any day will do
To thank God for all he has given to you.

Every day is a blessing, just to be here
To live in our neighborhood without fear,
And to have food and shelter, safe and warm,
And laws to keep us safe from harm.

We have seasons, winter, spring, summer & fall
And they never change, if you recall.
God’s promises are forever true
Never fail – no matter what you do.

We have enjoyed the long summer days,
Gardening, walking and other ways.
Humming birds, finches, sparrows & jays
All using our feeders all times of the day.

The joy, just to be quiet and see
How they all take turns and chase about free,
We enjoy the lake just across the way,
When the sun goes down – what a display!

God’s handiwork is everywhere seen
From snow clad trees to fields of green.
The trees will soon be in autumn ware
With splashes of color everywhere.

The geese come honking, flying in a “V”
We call our neighbors – to come & see.
As they fly in here, landing in the park
And stay feeding there, from morning till dark.

We have so much to thank God for
I can’t express it all – there’s always more.
Don’t wait for Thanksgiving Day to be here.
You can be thankful every day of the year.

Susan Bain-Glenholme (Thanksgiving 2012)

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