Bible Memorization Tips for Kids

Patricia Attwood came up with these ideas to help you kids memorize the Bible. Try these ideas to help your family memorize Bible verses:

1) Create actions to go with each word or phrase.

2) Write down the verse on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Read the verse out loud. Erase a word. Read the entire verse again, making sure you can remember the erased word. Keep eliminating words until you are saying the entire verse and the board is empty.

3) Write down the first letter of each word in the verse. Use these letters as hints to remember the verse.

4) Sing the words of the verse to a familiar tune.

5) Toss a ball around the circle, each person saying the next word of the verse as they catch the ball.

6) Write the memory verse out on cards. Make two sets. Flip all the cards over and mix them up. Make two teams and take turns choosing a card. The object is to get all the cards of the verse. If you choose a card you already have, you need to put it back. Whoever completes the verse first wins.

7) Write the verse out on cards, one word per card. Hide the cards around the house. Kids race to find all the cards and put the words of the verse in order.

8) Take turns reading the verse using different voices (e.g. How would it sound if a pig were reading the verse? A bird? Pastor John?

9) Make a hopscotch pattern on your driveway or floor. Put a word or phrase of the bible verse in each square. Say the words as you hop through the pattern.

10) Write the verse out on paper, one paper per child. Assign numbers, 1 to 12 to each word or phrase. Roll one or two dice. Underline the word that corresponds with the value of your roll. Whoever underlines all their words first is the winner. Everyone else reads the verse aloud.
Here is a video with some other ideas.

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