Message to the Messy Church. Part 2: Worldly Thinking and the Cross – 1 Corinthians 1:17-31

Sunday: October 30, 2022
Series: Message to the Messy Church
Sermon: Part 2: World Thinking and the Cross
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:17-31


Listen to a Worship song (If you need suggestions, you can use one from the YouTube Playlist for this week) or express something that you are thankful to God for.


Check In – How is everyone doing (good things, teaching applied, lessons learned, prayers answered)?


  • How did you do in school when you were a kid? 
  • Read: 1 Corinthians 1:17-31
  • How is the cross foolishness to those who are perishing?
  • Why is the cross the power of God for those who are being saved?
  • Pastor John mentioned several worldly wisdoms that people use to find fulfillment and meaning in life (hedonism, psychological, political, “American dream”, bucket list.).  What are some other worldly wisdoms that people follow? How does God destroy worldly wisdom?
  • Paul stresses the importance of faith, rather than signs and intellect.  Do we sometimes lean on these things more than faith?
  • How is it good news that the gospel is not dependent on our competency, our superior presentation, our status, and our heritage? God looks for those that are weak to be the vessels of his message. Why would that be?
  • Is there anything that stand out to you in this passage of scripture?
  • Charles Spurgeon says, ““The Gospel is like a caged lion. It does not need to be defended, it just needs to be let out of its cage.”  How do we do this?
  • Our culture and modern thinking are very opposed to the gospel (they consider it foolishness).  How do we be faithful to the gospel in that kind of environment?
  • What do you need to apply from this lesson?


What can you do to show that the cross is the power of God in your life?


Pray that God will help you apply this lesson.  Pray for any other requests you have.

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