News from the Tool Box – Jeremy and Tanya Lott Wycliffe Update: November 2022

With more work than we know what to do with and a full school schedule for the boys, time flies so fast here. It seems that we are turning the calendar to a new month frequently!

There’s lots that has happened this term that has been hard. But, it is a term that we feel we have had the most traction to help, build and love on others here. Even with Covid restrictions over the years, God has worked in unexpected and amazing ways. He can not be stopped! Our boys are so glad to be here, and we have found so many ways to serve to support Bible translation and the people of PNG. The need here is great. Please pray that more workers would come.

This year has been unprecedented in that we have never had such security issues and fighting. There was election violence for two months. A few co-workers have been unable to work in their villages for over a year due to a gang/terrorist group. Also, Several of our co-workers from local villages had their houses burnt down, or were injured in the fighting. We even had a lockdown at our school and our work places while the police settled some village fighting which had spread into our community. Please pray for peace for the PNG people, and for them to know fully understand the gospel.

So what else has been happening?
On September 11th we experienced a large 7.6 earthquake that did a fair amount of damage. It took a good amount of time to clean up from that. At first we thought we escaped significant damage, other than our shelves and pantry dumping their contents. There was a lot of broken glass dishes, as well as our water filter breaking. However, we have recently learned that our septic system was broken completely, and we had to replace the drain-field. Our drain-field went under the main road, into our neighbours treed lot! It took a lot work to get it back in order again!

During the earthquake, the high speed internet cable between PNG and Australia broke in several places. We have had slow internet, making it hard to chat online with family, or even send emails! We were hoping to send this communication at the beginning of November, but finding a day when we can get up at 4am (few people are using the internet) is easy to put off…

We have been the Support family for Canadian translators, Murray and Carol Honsberger. They have been working in their village and are almost ready to dedicate the New Testament into Kwomtari. They are currently holding a two-week SALT Course (Scripture Application and Leadership Training).
The Kwomtari and the Yalë people were told they could each invite 30 participants. Many young people registered, and many more people wanted to participate. Because the number of participants has exceeded the church's seating capacity, the men have removed the back wall and added more seating. What a wonderful problem to have!

We are excited to be here doing what we are doing. We continue to trust that the Lord will direct us through the remaining time here this term. We are not yet sure what we will do at the end of this school year. Daniel will be graduating, and we will need to return him to Canada. He is unsure what career he wants to pursue for schooling.
We have narrowed our options for our return down to two.
1) to go as a family to Canada for the 6 week school break to help settle Daniel in and get a little family time/breather in.
2) to go for a 6 month furlough, so as to be more available to Daniel as he transitions to a new life in Canada.

Praise with us: 

  • We finally made it to the rainy season after a season of drought. This is important for the PNG people to be able to grow their food, as well as clean drinking water.
  • Danny Ragsdale is a big help at the shop.

Pray with us:

  • For more workers on the field, especially doctors, a dentist, and many more teachers.
  • That our Internet would have a good repair in a timely manor.
  • Please pray for Daniel to have wisdom in what to do next, and for us to know how long to go to Canada for.

Thank you for your prayer, gifts and encouragement,

Jeremy, Tanya, Caleb, Daniel, Seth, and Steven

Lamentations 3:22-23

The Lord’s loving kindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassion's never fail.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

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